Defining Success

Success is defined as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Even though every individual defines success differently. Many people view success as being wealthy, having their dream job, and owning the perfect house. I believe that preconception of success is wrong. Success can be the small joys of life, such as; seeing a family member or finding time to relax. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I believe that it is important to find a job that you enjoy and makes decent money, but I feel that so many people get consumed with getting jobs with high paying salaries, but do consider other factors.

Some examples– Do you want to be miserable all of the time because you hate your job? Do you want to be exhausted all of the time because you work 24/7? Do you want to do something meaningful and fulfilling?

I mean, yes, you need to be able to support yourself and your family, but sometimes having less may end up being more in the end. What I mean by this is, do you really think that it is necessary to have a job that consumes your entire life, so you miss out on spending time with your family. Do you really need to make $10,000 dollars more a year, so you can buy your dream car? Or would you rather have time to relax, spend time with family, practice your faith, take a day trip, and most importantly take care of yourself?


I guess in the end it comes down to what you value more, I find myself everyday realizing  that less can end up being more fulfilling.

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