New Year’s Resolutions!

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I love New Years SO much. It comes after having enjoyed a memorable Christmas with family and friends. It also comes after getting a break from every day routines and stresses. This time of year always  makes me feel rejuvenated like I can conquer absolutely anything and everything!

My New Year typically begins thoughts and discussions about the things I want to change or do, so I tend to always find myself making a large list of resolutions I want to achieve. And, every year I give myself false hope that by this time next year I will have achieved all of them.

This year I have a new idea. I have decided to choose one main goal i want to a achieve instead of creating a never ending list that ends up making me feel  overwhelmed and defeated.

This year, my goal is to find inner peace. I know this won’t be easy since life is hectic and I place a lot of stress on myself. I feel If I commit to working on having a positive attitude, handling  conflict while maintaining my  composure, practicing self-care, and maintaining a strong faith I might be able to accomplish this. I am also excited to work towards this goal since I feel it will be beneficial to my overall health.

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