Why is time management important?


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today I would like to discuss the importance of time management. It is essential when it comes to living a stress free life. I was taught the Rule of Eight’s today. The rule is dividing the day up into three eight-hour sections, so you can be most efficient with your time. The sections are sleep, school/work, & social life.


Always get 8 hours of sleep! Doing so, results in you being well rested. In addition, you will find that you are feeling more alert, concentrate better, and have increased productivity. People who get more sleep have better attitudes and are more likely to succeed in school/work life. Plus, they are less likely to have mental health issues and weight gain.


School and work take up a great deal of our time which may even fall into the weekend. If you’re in college, your most likely not in class for 8 hours everyday, but you’re studying outside of class which makes up for that. It is critical to stay ahead of your work, so you are prepared if something were to come up. As we know daily disruptions are inevitable. So being ahead of the game is always good!

Social Life/Down Time:

Having time to be social is a key component to happiness. Being social and interacting with other individuals reduces the risk of developing depression and is good for your overall mental health. Research has shown that individuals who stay active and keep themselves involved in social activities (driving, working, reading, exercising, etc.) will have better cognitive skills when they are older compared to those who retire at a young age. So even if it is in simple ways— calling family/friends, taking a walk outside, or having lunch with a friend.

It is also important to take a couple minutes out of our day to relax and reflect on our lives. Sometimes we get so busy and move through the motions of our lives without really processing what we are doing. So, stop and take time to appreciate every day. This will help you grow as a person and remind you of your core values.


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